In the 7 years of his governance, Dr. Mukul Sangma proves himself as a man of action and not just of words. His cheerful dynamic nature makes his people love and support him, while he finds and implements solutions to the problems they face.

His achievements for the state of Meghalaya through the years have been remarkable and the journey of the state towards development can be seen clearly.

Embarking on a mission of delivering to the people what they seek Dr. Sangma has undertaken his task as the Chief Minister with the utmost honor and is continuously on the lookout for devising new ways to bring development, prosperity, and progress to Meghalaya in an all-round manner.

Dr. Mukul Sangma laid the foundation of the multi-facility Utility Center at Mawkhar in 2014 and completed the same at a total cost of 1.68 crores in 2017, while he still holds the office. He is the only Chief Minister in the history of the states of Northeast India to have successfully completed a project of this kind, while still holding office.

Media across India hailed the foundation and inauguration of the project by the same head of the state as a rare thing. Speaking with media the Dr. Sangma said that it only became possible as they had a stability of the institution. Political stability becomes essential if growth and development are the ultimate goals.

The job accomplished here is also commendable because we are speaking about the Northeastern states. The states which are not only land-locked but also suffer from the issues of law and order. The landmark achievement of the government happened due to the long-term of office the government enjoyed. The Chief Minister quotes Beatles’ ‘Imagine’ as he states, “we dream on behalf of the people we don’t dream alone”.

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