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A Brief Overview of the Important Milestones in Mukul Sangma’s Life

Dr. Mukul Sangma was born on 20th April in 1965 in Chengkompara village, to Binoy Bhushan M Marak and Roshana Begum.

Mukul Sangma completed his schooling from Government High School in Ampati in 1982. He also passed his pre-university examination in Science from St. Anthony’s College in Shillong in 1984.

He started learning medicine and graduated in 1989 from the Regional Institute of Medical Sciences in Imphal.

He joined as a Medical Officer from Zikzak Public Health Centre in 1991.

Dr. Sangma commenced his political career in 1993 and his first political win was as an independent candidate from Ampatigiri Constituency from where he was elected to the Meghalaya Legislative Assembly.

He was then appointed as the Chairman of the Meghalaya Transport Corporation and was reelected to the Meghalaya Legislative Assembly in the years 1998, 2003 and 2008.

He was first appointed as the Deputy CM in the year 2005 and although he had to resign once, he was appointed again in 2009.

After D.D. Lapang resigned as the CM of Meghalaya, Dr. Mukul Sangma finally became CM on 20th April 2010, which also happened to be his birthday.

Present CM of Meghalaya

His achievements did not stop there. Even after attaining office, Dr. Mukul Sangma made sure that he falls back on none of the promises that his government had made to the people. His first move was to bring together all the departmental heads together and he chalked out a plan to reach out to the people of the state, even to those who dwelled in the remotest areas. He gave a call to the various NGOs of the state, and asked them to assist in this venture and they answered readily. He commissioned the formation of several self help groups and counseling sessions so that those who felt deprived came to know about the various schemes that the government had for them. Meanwhile, he had completely revolutionized the Tourism Sector and also managed to bring in JW Marriott to build a five star hotel in the state. He had commissioned the building of seven large stadium and eleven mini stadiums for football and new fitness centers have come up to train young players.

Dr. Mukul Sangma is one great source of inspiration for the people of the state and hence, much loved by all.