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CM Dr. Sangma Lays Foundation Stone for Loyola College Science Block

The Chief Minister of Meghalaya, Dr. Mukul Sangma, laid the foundation stone for the science block at Loyola College at an event where Annie, the noted Broadway musical play, was also performed. The event was held at Williamnagar’s Loyola College, East Garo Hills and was also graced by Deborah C. Marak, the Minister of School Education & Literacy.

According to Dr. Mukul Sangma, the Government has not been quite successful in offering easier access to high quality education since the mandate is primarily concerned with the provision of free and compulsory education for all. He stated that the Government has put its best foot forward to adhere to the constitutional responsibility of offering compulsory and free education. He added that it is the major area of focus besides taking care of school dropout rates. He went on to emphasize on Government’s understanding of the need to enter into partnerships with well-suited educational institutions which will in turn ensure quality education for students in Meghalaya.

He conveyed that the agenda is centered on education, fitness and sports, and the Government is committed to achieve the best of these despite the challenges. He threw light on the ample availability of space in the state, particularly Garo Hills, and how educational institutions should encourage entrepreneurship amongst the students’ community. What’s more, talking about the limited career opportunities in the state, he urged the people to take part in the livelihood course since BA and MA certificates hardly suffice to bag good jobs.

Chief Minister of Meghalaya

The Chief Minister underscored the importance of preparing the youth of the state through special Government programs that facilitate easier access to wider career options. A major highlight of the government’s endeavours to boost education in Meghalaya is the literacy drive campaign. Admitting that he was one of the few lucky ones to have successfully crossed the mental barriers that come in the way of pursuing higher education, he talked about the necessary measures that can be adopted to rectify admission problems not only in Class XII but also at the degree level.

CM Mukul Sangma is of the opinion that the government still has a long way to go before it can achieve the target of 100% literacy. For our country to be able to claim itself as a developed nation, there are still many more milestones of progress to cross. He asserted that citizens should attempt to acquire globally relevant skills and core competences, as the need of the hour is to be global citizens.

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