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CM Sangma Encourages Youngsters at Business Development Programme

CM Dr. Mukul Sangma attended a program in the Tura Government which was the Entrepreneurship and Business Development Awareness Program and delivered lecture encouraging the students to increase their business skills. His lecture was met with a resounding applause as the students found his words of advice extremely encouraging. He motivated the youngsters of the state to seek new opportunities, and not just depend on the tried and tested opportunities of Government job after a conventional education. He urged the students to take interest in vocational training and to develop their business skills.

There were more than a thousand students present there, representing various colleges and institutes and all of them were keen when he spoke about the state taking appropriate measures to give the students information on entrepreneurial ventures. In this context, he also brought up the context of the Gujarati community and how almost all the people of that community were successful businessmen. He also encouraged the students to take up business in future because it would mean that they were working on something that was entirely their own and were not working for someone else. A successful business also meant greater earning potential and not the students alone, but the parents too should encourage their students to pursue other fields like agriculture, horticulture and veterinary science.

CM of Meghalaya Mukul Sangma

Mukul Sangma also mentioned the 2011 census which was great in terms of creating new job opportunities and wishes that if students were keen themselves, such growth would be the norm of the day. He concluded the speech in a very inspiring manner, stressing that no individual was a social liability and right opportunities should be made available to everyone so that they can help realize their dreams. Shillong already had an IIT and engineering colleges were also being set up and the IIM was already making the students capable with managing abilities, and the CM hoped that they would utilize these skills to manage their own business someday, which would lead to new scope of development for the people of the state.

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