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CM Sangma Lays Foundation for Rongjeng Mansang Adokgre Road

CM of Meghalaya, Mukul Sangma laid the foundation stone for the RMA Road, or the Rongjeng Mansang Adokgre Road. It is going to include the blacktopping and metalling of the intermediate lane under the aegis of the NLCPR or the Non Lapsable Central Pool of Resources. The event was attended by the minister of School Education and Literacy Minister, Cherak W. Momin and Sangnam Marak, along with secretaries of Parliament and the Deputy Commissioner of the East Garo Hills. A huge crowd had gathered for the occasion and Chief minister Mukul Sangma addressed the locals and congratulated the people on the receipt of the project which had cost 210 crores.

After the completion of the road, it would be possible to travel to Williamnagar and other areas of the East Garo Hills through Mansang. He also urged the people to give their land for the development of the roads like many of the locals of the past so that the community as a whole can prosper. Once the road was completed, other feeder roads would also be built for the RMA road so that more remote areas of the Khasi Hills would then be connected to the mainstream. In this way, the connection between the Khasi and Garo Hills were also sure to strengthen. He also informed the crowd that work for the building of the first engineering colleges in Mawlai had also been completed and this road would make it more accessible to the students from these regions.

Chief Minister Mukul Sangma

The Rongjeng Admnistrative Unit would start functioning before the 17th of November and it would look after the maintenance of the road. The road would also connect the Kharkutta and the Rongjeng constituency and that the NH 37 and Sengnam Marak, the local MLA also pointed out that the people of the region had wanted this road since the last two decades but it was only due to the initiative undertaken by Mukul Sangma that the project finally saw the light of day and it would prove to be an important chapter in the development of the state.

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