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Doctor Sangma Condemns the Racial Treatment of Meghalaya Lady by the Delhi Golf Club

It is a known fact that people from the North East India are always treated with a lot of ignorance by the people of other region of the country and when such an instance of racial discrimination occurred again, more so against a woman from Meghalaya, Doctor Sangma, the Honorable Meghalaya CM was quick to condemn the incident. The incident occurred in Delhi Golf Club, allegedly one of the most sophisticated addresses in the city and the ignorant staffers here told Nailin Lyngdoh to leave because her traditional dress looked like a maid’s uniform. They claimed that they had apologized later but the insult had already been done and Lyngdoh was asked to leave rather insultingly.

This incident occurred when Lyngdoh, along with her employer Nivedita Barthakur, of whose son Lyngdoh is the governess, was present at the club at the invitation of a member. In spite of the management being told that it was traditional attire, they refused to budge and insisted that she leave. According to Doctor Mukul Sangma, incidents like these occur only because the people are unaware of a large section of the population residing in their own country and until and unless strict measures were taken to condemn such acts, incidents like this would occur again. He further opined that it was important to educate the masses of India about their fellow citizens and only then will they realize how truly diverse the nation actually is, which would actually go a long way in increasing its strength, rather than diminishing it.

Meghalaya CM

CM Mukul Sangma emphasized that the Scheduled Tribe Prevention of Atrocities Act of 1989 and Fundamental Rights, with all its subsequent articles were to be taken advantage of and a legal case should filed against Delhi Golf Club. He stressed that until and unless such measures were taken, people would assume that they can simply get away by insulting another citizen from the country just because they looked or dressed differently. Union Minister of the State of Home Affairs Kiran Rijiju also voiced opinion along with that of Dr. Sangma and requested Delhi Police Commissioner Amulya Patnaik to look into the matter.

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