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Nutritional Security Program Launched by CM Mukul Sangma

The Nutritional Security Program of the Government of Meghalaya was launched by the CM of the state, Dr. Mukul Sangma amidst resounding applause. The event saw the distribution of nutritional packages to single and lactating mother on the 4th of November, 2017, which included 8 kilos of feed and five kuroilers of 3 month old. The event was organized to mark the distribution of 100 lakhs worth of loans disbursed to the Self Help Groups of the state and the event was celebrated at the Bakdil Krimkro Federation Centre, Upper Bamonpara, Dalu.

CM Mukul Sangma

Like many other initiative programs, this event was also a fruit of efforts put in by Doctor Sangma and his team and his initiative to solve the nutritional deficiencies of the children, the lactating mothers and the elderly have garnered a lot of support. He introduced backyard kuroilers farming as part of the Livestock Mission and the event was also graced by the presence of Bluebell Sangma, the MLA of Chokpot. A publication was also released at the event, highlighting the important milestones of the Bakdil Krimkro SHG Federation and a plaque was unveiled to commemorate the event. Meghalaya Rural Bank officials, three poultry entrepreneurs from the region who have attained success and the Branch Manager of the Meghalaya Rural Bank in Dalu were also felicitated at the event for their role in bringing about positive change and to help achieve sustainable livelihood in the region.

Doctor Sangma offered his congratulations for the success of the SHGs and thanked everyone involved in the various stages of the implementation of this program. About 40,000 families in the state were initially supposed to benefit from the Livestock Mission and as days went by, more and more families would be brought under its purview. The MHIS scheme, another hugely popular and well implemented program would also be enhanced to ensure zero payment of the medical treatments for those who had smart cards.

He stressed that the Stevia plant was already in high demand because of its use as a sweetener and he was hopeful loans would be meted out in future to farmers for cultivating it and to reap benefits, highlighting how loans of 150 lakhs had already been sanctioned by Krimkro SHG Federation members and 60,000 has already been repaid to the Meghalaya Rural Bank.

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