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Singing We Shall Overcome, Mukul Sangma Starts Poll Campaign Uniquely

Dr. Mukul Sangma started off his election campaign in Meghalaya with aplomb at the Celebration of Peace concert in the State. This unique way of commencing an election campaign has found several takers amongst the youth of the State. Dr. Mukul Sangma, the Chief Minister, Meghalaya attended this novel musical festival organized by the Indian National Congress at the Shillong Polo Grounds. This musical festival aimed to highlight and showcase Meghalaya’s traditional and cultural diversity and the Congress poll campaign also started off uniquely. The All-India Congress Committee President, Shri. Rahul Gandhi, was the Chief Guest at Celebration of Peace and he emphasized hugely on principles like tolerance, peace and secularism above all else.

Dr. Mukul Sangma had everyone enraptured with his impromptu rendition of We Shall Overcome, the timeless melody which he sang to perfection. Everybody assembled at the event loved his performance. Many people already know that Dr. Sangma is an accomplished singer and performer and he sang this famous ballad with Shri. Rahul Gandhi and other assembled dignitaries, thereby kicking off the campaign of the Indian National Congress in a highly unique manner.

Dr. Sangma called for peace in Meghalaya along with greater harmony throughout the State. The event saw fabulous performances from top performers such as the Khmih Children’s Choir, Soulmate, Empirical Tribe, Dewdrops and Colors among others. He also expressed his gratitude to Shri. Rahul Gandhi for his leadership and support. He stated that Meghalaya loves him for his tolerant beliefs. He also lauded this unique musical initiative and stated that striving towards peace and harmony was the main objective of the current Government.

He also made a vow to safeguard harmony and tolerance in Meghalaya against the onslaught of communal and divisive forces. He also talked of how people in the State are tolerant, peaceful and strongly secular. Equality is the main objective for any State along with universal freedom according to Dr. Sangma. He also paid his own tribute to Mahatma Gandhi, the Father of the Nation, on his death anniversary. He asked citizens of the State to strongly follow the teachings of the great soul.